Kristy Zadrozny

Kristy Zadrozny Kristy is an attuned and compassionate guide. She is skilled at holding space, listening with an open heart, and offering pragmatic, evidence-based suggestions for leading change in your life. Kristy is passionate about helping curious minds navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Her approach to work creates a warm, open, and non-judgmental space to show up to the present moment. Kristy tends to the soul of others by design and practice. An experienced doula, she has been training the next generation of practitioners since 2015. Kristy sees firsthand the value of the doula’s ethos outside the birth itself. Kristy expanded her practice to clinical therapy as she pursues her professional licensure as an MFT. For Kristy the work of a doula is a metaphor for a self-actualized life. Kristy is the first Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting educator in New York City, and she is the resident faculty for the international organization (CAPPA) in New York City. Kristy has written for various publications, reference handbooks and has created numerous resources for professionals, pregnant people, and new parents.